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The situation right now: N.W.O. vs. the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Assuredly the New World Order exists.  It has been expounded upon by the John Birch Society for decades and has even been publicly by George H.W. Bush.


Bush N.W.O


However they have not YET been successful in creating their technocratic totalitarian One World State.

There are other factions out there who are actively resisting the N.W.O., chief among them are the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which for the most part is made up by China and Russia.



Iranian writer, Hamid Golpira, had this to say on the topic: “According to Zbigniew Brzezinski‘s theory, control of the Eurasianlandmass is the key to global domination and control of Central Asia is the key to control of the Eurasian landmass….Russia and China have been paying attention to Brzezinski’s theory, since they formed the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation in 2001, ostensibly to curb extremism in the region and enhance border security, but most probably with the real objective of counterbalancing the activities of the United States and NATO in Central Asia“.[57]


I need not mention that Brzezinski is a big time mover-and-shaker in the Trilateral Commission and the emergent New World Order as well!




Against the One World Conspiracy of the N.W.O. one can see pitted against it the Russian Nationalism of Putinism and also contemporary Chinese Nationalism.  These two forces have joined together in the S.C.O!

Personally I am going to be rooting for the S.C.O. to win as they are nationalistic, whereas the N.W.O. seems to be International Marxist inspired.