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Transformers arise to resist the New World Order!

Transformers G1



As a conspiracy theorist one of my beliefs is that there are different shadowy factions within the struggle for/ against the New World Order.

One of the factions that doesn’t get much attention are Japanese Nationalists!  After having such a large empire during the ’30s and 40s it is hard to believe that after their defeat they would just give up and turn themselves over totally to the New World Order.

However it appears that Japanese Nationalists have found a way to send Right-Wing messages of the Freedom out, through the use of Japanese cartoons!

One of the primary ones is ‘Transformers’ which features a charismatic leader named Optimus Prime who is a champion of freedom and self-determination.  These values are totally anti-ethical  to everything that the New World Order pushes with their agenda of Global Control and micro-management.  (This is personified in the cartoon by the villain Megatron, who may as well be a 33rd degree Freemason given his disposition!