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Big Jim Tucker, the original ‘Bilderberg Hunter’ has sadly passed.

Jim Tucker


Just heard about this and am quite bummed by the loss of this conspiracy theorist giant.

Big Jim was just huge!  Back in the early to mid-90s when I was a teen there were lots of rumors about a New World Order going around, but not much corroborating evidence.

Big Jim Tucker found that evidence!


Club Bilderberg nothing to see here


Before he came around the mainstream media had a total and complete media black-out on Bilderburg.  Jim Tucker turned that around (with the help of the Spotlight and American Free Press).  Once the internet broke out and sites like Free Republic and World Net Daily came along, they started to pick up on the shadowy doings of Bilderburg and helped to validate and spread the Truth about what this nefarious entity was up to.

(For those who don’t know what Bilderberg is: it is a Globalist/ Elitist retreat where the discussion of the ongoing creation of a New World Order is made.  It is literally the secret room where the conspirators shape their devious plans! Link: )

Right now I just want to take a moment to thank Jim Tucker for everything he has done.  His exposure of the sinister machinations of Bilderberg has been a service to all of humanity!


Bilderberg BBQ Bash



It is our duty to continue the work he started, to root out the source of the evil in todays world, and eventually to shine the harsh bright light of Truth upon the New World Order and cause the New World Orderlies to scurry back into the shadows like the cock-roaches that they are!

Hail Tucker!