Spooky! Another example of the celebrity ‘Death Comes in Threes’ mega-curse!

There is a big meme out there that celebrity deaths come in threes!

It appears that Generation X just experienced an iteration of this!

1.) Chrissy Amphlett (of the Divinyls) died on April 21, 2013.



The Divinyls have always been viewed as sort of a ‘one hit wonder’ with their song ‘I Touch Myself’.  I’ve always liked it as a guilty pleasure pop rock song!  I’m sure lots of Gen. Xers can remember seeing the video for this song back in the day on MTV… this video is also well known for basically launching the career of director Michael Bay as well!

2.) Kriss Kross rapper Chris Kelly died on May 1, 2013.


Kriss Kross


Meh, never really liked Kriss Kross but they were pretty big for a time back in the ’90s.  I seem to remember they had a rivalry with Another Bad Creation too.  I was rather shocked to hear about this passing as I had heard that Kriss Kross was planning some huge come-back… now I guess it will never happen.  Chris Kelly was like only 34!  That is way to young to die!

3.) Jeff Hanneman of Slayer died on May 2, 2013.



Freakin’ Slayer man!  That is such a legendary band!  They certainly are the hardest of the Thrash bands!  Although I do honestly prefer to listen to Metallica and Megadeth more because Slayer is just a little to edgy for me.  Hey that is just my personal opinion.  However I give it up to Slayer for being such a hugely influential band.  Jeff Hanneman also wrote some of their best songs too.

I certainly think there is something to this ‘Celeb Death in Threes’ thing, and the above is just the latest example.

What is the cause behind this?  Is it just due to more media exposure?

Or is there something totally paranormal going on?  Is the number three really that unlucky?  


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