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Starship Troopers! Battle the Collectivists personi-bugged as Bugs!

Sometimes in the Conspiracy Culture it is easy to get lost in pessimism and forget that sometimes the good guys (Libertarians, Conservatives, and Tea Partiers) sometimes do win and manage to get in a quarter-back sneak.

Alex Jones has recently mentioned the new Tom Cruise film ‘Oblivion’ as being a good flick that shows humanity rising up against (alien) control-freaks.

Another flick that I would mention would be Starship Troopers! (1997)  Are you  a Conspiracy Theorists concerned about a Socialist-Collectivist hive-mind total take-over?


Starship Troopers 1


Then seeing the super-soldiers of ‘Starship Troopers’  as they battle the ultimate collectivist menace, the bugs should be right up ones alley.  The bugs are hard-core collectivists, all looking and acting the same, they are practically like MSNBC viewers!  Haha!


Starship Troopers2



Not only does Starship Troopers manage to capture the horrors of fighting against Collectivism, but it also illustrates the ‘pyramid of control’ that Conspiracist Researchers often point to.  The ‘top controllers’ in the bug-world are what are known as ‘Brain Bugs’.  In the Conspiracy realm a Brain Bug is sort of the equivalent to George Soros, the Rockefellers, or the Rothchilds!




It turns out that the author of the original ‘Starship Troopers’ book was a mega-libertarian named Robert Heinlein who was against the Collectivism of his time: Communism!

Starship Troopers is also widely-regarded[who?] as a vehicle for Heinlein’s anti-communist views.[citation needed] Characters attackKarl Marx (a “pompous fraud”), the labor theory of value (“All the work one cares to add will not turn a mud pie into an apple tart…”),[18] and Plato‘s The Republic (“ant-like communism” and “weird in the extreme”).[19]

Well in todays world one is not threatened by Commies, but by the menace of the incipient New World Order!

To re-juice sometimes it is nice to take a break and visit my old friends from the ’90s: Johnny Rico, Carmen Ibanez, and Carl Jenkins and cheer them on as they battle Collectivists too!

Starship Troopers3


Big Jim Tucker, the original ‘Bilderberg Hunter’ has sadly passed.

Jim Tucker


Just heard about this and am quite bummed by the loss of this conspiracy theorist giant.

Big Jim was just huge!  Back in the early to mid-90s when I was a teen there were lots of rumors about a New World Order going around, but not much corroborating evidence.

Big Jim Tucker found that evidence!


Club Bilderberg nothing to see here


Before he came around the mainstream media had a total and complete media black-out on Bilderburg.  Jim Tucker turned that around (with the help of the Spotlight and American Free Press).  Once the internet broke out and sites like Free Republic and World Net Daily came along, they started to pick up on the shadowy doings of Bilderburg and helped to validate and spread the Truth about what this nefarious entity was up to.

(For those who don’t know what Bilderberg is: it is a Globalist/ Elitist retreat where the discussion of the ongoing creation of a New World Order is made.  It is literally the secret room where the conspirators shape their devious plans! Link: )

Right now I just want to take a moment to thank Jim Tucker for everything he has done.  His exposure of the sinister machinations of Bilderberg has been a service to all of humanity!


Bilderberg BBQ Bash



It is our duty to continue the work he started, to root out the source of the evil in todays world, and eventually to shine the harsh bright light of Truth upon the New World Order and cause the New World Orderlies to scurry back into the shadows like the cock-roaches that they are!

Hail Tucker!

Transformers arise to resist the New World Order!

Transformers G1



As a conspiracy theorist one of my beliefs is that there are different shadowy factions within the struggle for/ against the New World Order.

One of the factions that doesn’t get much attention are Japanese Nationalists!  After having such a large empire during the ’30s and 40s it is hard to believe that after their defeat they would just give up and turn themselves over totally to the New World Order.

However it appears that Japanese Nationalists have found a way to send Right-Wing messages of the Freedom out, through the use of Japanese cartoons!

One of the primary ones is ‘Transformers’ which features a charismatic leader named Optimus Prime who is a champion of freedom and self-determination.  These values are totally anti-ethical  to everything that the New World Order pushes with their agenda of Global Control and micro-management.  (This is personified in the cartoon by the villain Megatron, who may as well be a 33rd degree Freemason given his disposition!